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Fixing Broken and Worn Dentures

dentures relines

Just because your dentures are damaged does not necessarily mean they need to be replaced. If your dentures are broken, worn down or just fit uncomfortably, the team at the Adrian Haigh Denture Centre has several in-house options for you.

Rebasing is used when the denture base has been worn down but the actual teeth are in good shape. We replace the old acrylic with brand new acrylic and then retrofit the dentures so they sit properly within your mouth.

If you’ve suffered from shrinkage due to loss of bone or weight, relining your dentures can help. We add a new base material to the denture tissue so it fits properly again. Relines only change the fit, not the outward appearance of your dentures.

If your dentures have been broken, cracked or chipped, we can often use our professional repair techniques to restore the dentures to their original state. Repairs like this can even be done within the same day depending on the amount of damage. Call us today to find out more.

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