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Common Denture Questions

Do dentures last forever?

While it’s true that dentures are durable, they aren’t any more permanent than eyeglasses. Dropping them even a few inches can break a tooth or the denture base. Even with conscientious care, denture teeth can lose their natural appearance and chewing ability due to chewing, brushing and age.

Will I need to continue to see a denturist once I have my dentures?

You should see our denturist for regular exams. We’ll check that your dentures are in proper condition while also examining your tongue, jaw and gum ridges for any signs of oral cancer and diabetes.

Will anyone notice I’m wearing dentures?

If your dentures need re-fitting, they might look unnatural. It’s important to visit us regularly so we can ensure your dentures have a proper fit. It’s also important to maintain proper home cleaning routines to avoid unpleasant odours and stains.

Will I be able to eat normally and speak properly with dentures?

Properly fitting dentures can actually make chewing easier, which is an important part of continuing a healthy diet as you age. However, there could be some food restrictions depending on your situation.

Will I have to use adhesives to make my dentures fit correctly all day?

Using adhesives can actually be very dangerous. While they can be used during an emergency to keep your dentures stable, using adhesives regularly can hide infections and even cause bone loss. Our dentures are made to fit your specific mouth, so there shouldn’t be any looseness. If they begin to fit improperly, see us for an appointment.

Are dentures affected by medication?

This depends on what medication you are taking. Let us know of any over-the-counter and prescription medicine you take (even if it’s just on occasion) so we can accommodate for any effects they might have.

Can I make my own denture repairs?

No, any do-it-yourself repairs can actually damage your dentures even more. Visit us to repair or reline them – often the corrections can be made within the same day.

My dentures need to be replaced – will I go through another long adjustment period?

Because your mouth is already used to dentures in general, it should be a much shorter adjustment time. It is much better to have to adjust to replacement dentures than to wear poor fitting dentures that can hurt your gums and even shrink the ridges of your mouth.

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